Where I Am Going (And Where I've Been)

To the Nations with His Fame

Brothers and Sisters, when I started this ministry a few months ago, I did not realize the huge picture God would place before me. I did not imagine the glorious promise He held in His hand to send me to the uttermost ends of the earth to bring revival and help to the most desperatly poor and lost people on the earth. Such is the calling that is coming to me. I only can be obedient to the call and when He says GO, then go. You can see that places He is calling by navigating on the left bar. I love my Jesus whom I have known for over 44 years and believe in His word to me in Jeremiah 1:5-10. My heart burns to bring my wonderful Jesus and a word of economic hope to these forlorn and downpressed people. I am searching for people to come along side me in prayer and financially to bring this goodness to bear. Like Jeremiah my the message burns like fire in my bones and I must go.


God Bless you all

Pastor Evan Wiggs

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